Raidlayer Webhost Private Limited is a techno-driven company open up in offering highly secure and reliable web hosting, cloud hosting, VPS and Dedicated Server. As a complete hosting solution provider, we have the capability to cater the assorted needs of businesses to proffer high-end hosting strategy solutions.

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Why choose Raidlayer?

Nowadays, every small and big organization has adopted online applications for their business processes. Therefore, it becomes a necessity for them to keep their website data up-to-date & secure. For this reason, they need highly secure and reliable web server that work without any interruption. At Raidlayer, we have the capability to accomplish bespoke needs of customers and give them the best hosting solutions provided in world’s leading data centers with advanced features.

The key features include best server co-location in India, USA, UK, Turkey and Canada, comprehensive corporate mail solutions, database connectivity as well as tailor-made shared hosting solutions.



Most Affordable, Reliable & Secure Hosting Solutions

With the increasing needs of businesses to have highly secure and reliable data hosting, we have technically advance solution for bespoke needs of businesses no matter type and size of their business. We have vast experience and expertise to proffer cutting-edge services with assurance of seamless performance, high availability and most secure solution for any type of your critical IT operations. We offer a gamut of value-added services to strengthen your complex IT business processes. We have our servers in the countries like the USA, Canada, India, UK, Hong Kong and Turkey that helps customers to get the immediate access of their site and it becomes the key benefits of our services.


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State-of-the-art Datacenters
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Established in 2014, Raidlayer has a veteran team of professionals and skilled technical and marketing professionals.

At Raidlayer, we continually upgrade our knowledge to dwell outstanding in the highly aggressive IT market. We provide most innovative and advanced web solution to our customers helpful them to make their complex business operations simple and efficient. In addition to the stunning look of a website, we give them precise e-commerce and hosting solutions essential to enhance online presence.

Raidlayer’s US servers are situated at Texas 1, Data Foundry’s foremost Data Center in Austin. Powered by two stand-alone substations and connected to over 17 fiber- optic providers, our Hosting servers are housed in the most redundant, connected and secure data center in the world. We have also setup similar infrastructure with servers in the United Kingdom, Turkey, India & Hong Kong.

We understand how vital it is that our customers experience 100% uptime with their Raidlayer hosting solutions. This is why we’ve introduced Zero Downtime Architecture that promises a 100% reliable, secure and powerful web hosting solution.

Our data center makes sure keeping your website online is possible without any physical hardware dependency. If a physical server fails, another server will replace it instantly and your website will be available for your visitors as if nothing happened.

Our data center network has been designed to accommodate clients demanding the highest quality network performance. There is a central focus on redundancy allowing our network to rapidly self-heal failures without interruptions to connectivity.

Our redundancy is multi-tiered with N+1 internal device elements as well as entirely redundant chassis allowing any routing device to fail without interrupting client data connectivity. All core routing and switching equipment is state of the art Cisco.

Our Team

We at Raidlayer continually upgrade our knowledge to stand apart in the IT market. Our innovative and advanced web solution can satisfy our customers and give them the best, simple and efficient solutions rather than sticking on to complex business operations.

Our developers are able to provide better support to your website by giving it the stunning look you have always wanted.

With the help of our precise e-commerce hosting solutions, you will be able to enhance your online presence in a much better way.


To gain an online identity, every company must choose the best web hosting services. This will help the website to get visibility of the website on the World Wide Web without any downtime ant latency issue. A firm whether it is big or small, needs a webpage that will be able to provide good amount of visibility for the purpose of attracting the target audience. This task can be handled with ease with the help of a good hosting service.


Moreover, the best locations of servers, reliable database connectivity, advanced mail solutions for government and corporate sectors, and customized shared hosting solutions are some extra advantages of our services. Our data centers are facilitated with the utmost level of security, HVAC systems, redundant UPS and diesel generators to proffer 100% uptime guarantee.

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